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I would like to...  receive help in negotiating with lenders

Your passion is financed by a combination of financial instruments as seen on the passiva of the balance. Debt can be realised by working capital financing. Providers of these debts impose certain requirements.

Several causes (internal or external) can withhold your business from meeting these requirements to the lenders. If this is the case, it feels better to have someone stand by your side with the expertise in this field. There are a lot of possibilities, which are hard to oversee if you are not an expert.

The consultants at Florijnz are standing by your side during these negotiations. We can give advice on:

  • Communication with the financial restructuring department of your bank or equity lender
  • Improve trust in the continuity of your organisation

Want to know more about the possibilities for you? Send an e-mail to info@florijnz.nl or contact our team.

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To come in action is the first step; it is that simple. The sale/acquisition of an company is unique for everyone and every company.

On the basis of the first meeting an overview will be created off the facts and the emotions. Through a clear analysis you will be put in next gear in no time. You will gain understanding in whether the company is suitable for a strategic sale/acquisition, which approach suits the sale/acquisition and how long will the process take. Make an appointment for clear answers to your questions.

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Florijnz Corporate Finance is an independent corporate finance boutique which guides entrepreneurs in purchasing and selling enterprises.
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