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...have my passion valued

What is the valuation of my company is one of the most important things in selling your company.... Read more ›

...capitalize my passion

Let us take away a misunderstanding first. We do not only sell your company, we capitalize your... Read more ›

...expand my passion

Passion drives successful people. Buyers and sellers speak the same language; it is that energy and involvement... Read more ›

...financing to grow (again)

Growth financing is important when it is about facilitating future growth. Arranging funding and managing the contacts... Read more ›

I would like to capitalize my passion...

Corporate finance is the specialism which deals with the sourcing of funding, capital investments, finding financial solutions and finding the right partners. The process is intended to maximize the value for shareholder. All this is done to make strategic decisions like acquisitions, selling, collaborating, management buy out, restructuring, and merging your enterprise easier, to realise the optimal result and with that capitalize your passion.

Above mentioned whishes give insight in the four different interpretations of corporate finance. Do you want to have your passion valued, capitalized, expanded or financed to grow? Read more! Would you prefer a clear and direct answer to your questions? Call +31 85 023 94 05 or send an e-mail to info@florijnz.nl.

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To come in action is the first step; it is that simple. The sale/acquisition of an company is unique for everyone and every company.

On the basis of the first meeting an overview will be created off the facts and the emotions. Through a clear analysis you will be put in next gear in no time. You will gain understanding in whether the company is suitable for a strategic sale/acquisition, which approach suits the sale/acquisition and how long will the process take. Make an appointment for clear answers to your questions.

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Florijnz Corporate Finance is an independent corporate finance boutique which guides entrepreneurs in purchasing and selling enterprises.
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