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“Florijnz sees what drives an entrepreneur...” The story of De Breed & Partners

De Breed & Partners advises technology companies in the Netherlands in obtaining financing to start, accelerate and/or launch innovative projects. There are different methods which they use to achieve their goals. Their strength is applying for technology subsidies. They have been focusing on this for over 35 years. De Breed & Partners also know their way around fiscal and financial instruments which are available in The Netherlands to help entrepreneur achieve their goals. They also help companies through stages of growth and promoting themselves.

Managing directors Joost Emke and Arno van Klinken are aware of the company’s strength. “Our strength is to recognize, in due time, when to pass the baton and hire specialists to get the job done”. In recent years, De Breed & Partners  have therefore connected to several specialized partners – with whom they successfully co-operate-. One of these is Florijnz. “Their specialism is an unique profession, so we asked Florijnz to do this for us”, says Arno van Klinken.

“When you introduce a party to your own client, it has to feel good. You have to rely that the client is helped properly and that it does not damage the relation. That is an important reason for us to prefer Florijnz with respect to other parties”. The good connection with Hans Minnaar and their successful collaboration in the past made it an easier choice for Joost and Arno to work with Florijnz. “I find it important to speak the language of the entrepreneur. You can be utterly expert with respect to a financial product and know the industry extremely well, but when there is no connection with the entrepreneur you will not move forward”. Arno also sees Florijnz as a party that values the relationship with the entrepreneur and is convinced that this will provide Florijnz bonus points when they bring their services to attention to potential relations. This is also something that will be appreciated when you have already agreed with each other, according to Arno. “I have experienced it myself in our own Management Buy Out in 2013.

Arno describes Florijnz as an expert partner with knowledge on the matter and with much insight in entrepreneurship. “Florijnz sees what drives an entrepreneur. It is not purely based on numbers and facts, but also on having a feeling for the man or woman who runs the enterprise.”

“The expectation I had, and still have, of Florijnz is utterly realistic. Florijnz completely matches our expectation. It has to do with the fact that they have an eye for the enterprise, in combination with their great expertise. De Breed & Partners only have good experiences with Florijnz.” Arno would therefore definitely recommend Florijnz to others. “It is a growing player that can switch quickly and is not unknown in the industry, especially in the participation and acquisition industry.”


Florijnz is aangesloten bij de belangrijkste expertise organisaties op het gebied van waardering en fusies & overnames. Hierdoor beschikt Florijnz altijd over essentiële en actuele kennis. 2018: Genomineerd voor  FD Gazelle 2018 en winnaar Fusie & Overname Award 2018 categorie “Overnameadviseur van het jaar” Brookz / Dealsuite   2017: Genomineerd voor  FD Gazelle 2017  2016: Genomineerd voor  FD Gazelle 2016 (31e) en Fusie en Overname adviseur van het jaar 2016 (Brookz) 2015: Genomineerd voor Fusie en Overname adviseur van het jaar 2015 (Brookz) en tweede bij DCFA deal of the year award 2015 (fusie Syncasso) 2014: Bijzondere vermelding DCFA deal of the year award voor eerste Management Buy Out (MBO) gefinancierd met crowdfunding


De Dutch Corporate Finance Association is een landelijke vereniging voor financiële professionals. De DCFA is met circa 200 individuele leden de grootste vereniging op haar gebied en stelt zich ten doel kennis te delen en een netwerk te creëren voor managers en ondernemers uit de zakelijke financiële sector, met Corporate Finance en fusies & overnames als specialisme.


Florijnz is ook aangesloten bij het NiRV. Dit is de beroepsvereniging waarbij alle Register Valuators in Nederland zijn aangesloten. Een Register Valuator of RV’er is een financieel deskundige die gespecialiseerd is in de bepaling van de waarde van een onderneming. Hoewel het waarderen van bedrijven een relatief nieuw vakgebied is, wordt het steeds vanzelfsprekender om in verschillende situaties een RV’er in te schakelen. Niet iedereen mag zich RV’er noemen. Een RV’er heeft door een tweejarige postdoctorale opleiding de kennis en expertise opgebouwd om een onderneming te waarderen en om de meest complexe waarderingsvraagstukken uit te voeren. Na de opleiding wordt de kennis gewaarborgd door een systeem van permanente educatie.

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To come in action is the first step; it is that simple. The sale/acquisition of an company is unique for everyone and every company.

On the basis of the first meeting an overview will be created off the facts and the emotions. Through a clear analysis you will be put in next gear in no time. You will gain understanding in whether the company is suitable for a strategic sale/acquisition, which approach suits the sale/acquisition and how long will the process take. Make an appointment for clear answers to your questions.

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