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Collaboration is key

To ensure the best result for your company, Florijnz knows how to link up with other experts at the right moment to use their specific know-how. If necessary Florijnz works together with experts from their network on a project basis. These can be interim managers, marketing and sales specialists, (tax) lawyers, investors, bankers, and other experts.

Capitalizing your passion together
Together, we work on shared ambitions, take into account the interests, and we take personal relations, trust, and leadership seriously to build a professional collaboration. We can also give guidance to specific parts in the sale/acquisition process. We guide the possibly necessary due diligence process and can provide a virtual dataroom.  All of this in full confidentiality of course. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we work together to capitalize your passion.

Demonstrate the passion together
Regularly we work together with partners to share information with entrepreneurs in order to be better prepared for a sale/acquisition process or growth financing.

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The value of your organisation will increase when there is low risk. Automating your management information decreases the amounts of errors and thus the risk. Automation of management reporting is done by our partner DATA KINGDOM.

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(Nederlands) De Investeerdersclub

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

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(Nederlands) Koelewijn & partners

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

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Forward fiscalists

Forward Tax Lawyers consists of reliable tax specialists with a strong character and considerable dose of Big4 experience! They help companies and entrepreneurs expertly and adequately with tax, legal and finance issues. They are passionate tax-specialists, who have a firm belief and act transparently from specific industry knowledge.

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Virtual Vaults

The most innovative, efficient, and reliable Virtual Data Room partner. More information:

› Lees meer › www.virtualvaults.com

De Breed & Partners

Together with De Breed & Partners Florijnz has developed a program to improve the innovation value for your enterprise.

› Lees meer › www.debreed.nl

Apples of Oranges

Business Marketing Agency Apples of Orange supports entrepreneurs with commercial power, vision, innovative ability, and convincing communication.

› Lees meer › www.applesoforange.com

PMP Supervisor

PMP Supervisor make sure that supply and demand of Commissioners, Supervisors and Advisory Board can find each other.

Florijnz’s relations can use the Premium Search Service free of charge in order to find best candidates for their advisory board  or commissioners.

› Lees meer › www.pmpsupervisor.com


Brookz is, with over 20,000 entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors, the biggest acquisition platform of the Netherlands. Brooks has directly brought together buyers, sellers, and advisors through our website and national meetings since 2007.

› Lees meer › www.brookz.nl

Talanton (valueplan)

Talanton is a corporate finance advisory agency specialized in valuation. They have built up many years of experience in the most varied and complex valuation issues and transactions at family enterprises, institutions, and stock exchange funds. They work for the judicial power among which the business room of the court of justice Amsterdam, for the advocacy, and for tax specialists.

› Lees meer › www.talanton.nl


The EACVA (European Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts) is the professional association for the business valuation professional in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

› Lees meer › www.eacva.de/

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To come in action is the first step; it is that simple. The sale/acquisition of an company is unique for everyone and every company.

On the basis of the first meeting an overview will be created off the facts and the emotions. Through a clear analysis you will be put in next gear in no time. You will gain understanding in whether the company is suitable for a strategic sale/acquisition, which approach suits the sale/acquisition and how long will the process take. Make an appointment for clear answers to your questions.

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