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About Florijnz

Florijnz Corporate Finance is an independent corporate finance boutique which provides guidance to entrepreneurs and shareholders in acquiring and selling companies. Besides that, we are specialised in the valuation of companies and providing professional support for companies in arranging funding.

Recognising passion
Whether it is about giving insight in the valuation of your company, assisting in expansion plans, acquisitions, or mergers; it starts with insight and feeling for special entrepreneurs and companies. That is what drives us at Florijnz. In practice, that is a pre-condition for success but results are not guaranteed. Showing your passion in the right way with stakeholders is often a major challenge. When all the stakeholders are ‘aligned’, a transaction is on the horizon.

Florijnz operates as an independent specialist to support you with your wish and help to capitalize your passion. In this process your (long term) interest is most important to us. We are the deal creator for you as an entrepreneur and we take care of all the aspects during the process. We have no other interests than serving yours.

Sooner or later: we always find a suitable candidate
This is a guarantee. However, this does not mean there will always be a transaction. If ration and/or emotion are not right we will always share it. The most important thing, as mentioned before, is your -long term- interest. We will never force a deal when we expect that the joy of the transaction will be short.

Florijnz’s partners have successfully guided multiple acquisitions in their experience in corporate finance. We kindly provide you our knowledge and experience. We guarantee you a consistent Florijnz quality. All our output (reports & memorandums) is always assessed by several people.

Transparent and clear process
Thanks to the transparent and clear process Florijnz can always deploy itself in an optimal way for the best result. With an introductory meeting as a base, an overview of your wishes and needs regarding the field of, for example, valuation, acquisition, or sale of your company will be created. The various corporate finance services that Florijnz provides are divided into sub-activities. These will be discussed during the first meeting. This also applies for the expected time to complete the course. In this respect we also directly indicate how you can save money (and time) by preparing and/or carrying out activities yourself. An offer will be made, which will seamlessly match your expectations from earlier meetings. We aim for full transparency so you will not have unexpected costs. We will never send invoices without your approval. Our financial agreements will always run synchronously with your interest.

Taking care of the process from A to Z
We can take care of the entire M&A process and ensure that all disciplines are connected. Everything is tailor-made and optimal for the specific situation.

If this approach appeals to you, we invite you to a free and personal introductory meeting about our unique way of working. Contact us by telephone via +31 85 023 94 05, send an e-mail to info@florijnz.nl or contact someone from our team.

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The team

  • Hans Minnaar

    Founder and Managing Partner of Florijnz.
    Is by nature driven to capitalize passion for entrepreneurs. Hans studied econometrics in Tilburg, is a registered valuator (RV) and fulfilled many different positions in marketing and acquisition financing at ABN AMRO and Fortis. He is also former chairman of the Dutch Corporate Finance Association (2012-2016)

    hans@florijnz.nl +31 (0)6 208 055 13
  • Marieke Klaassen-van Beurden

    Marieke Klaassen – van Beurden is senior advisor at Florijnz. She holds a Masters’ degree in Business Economics with a specialization in Corporate Finance from Tilburg University. For nearly 20 years she is active in the financial services industry, initially at ABN AMRO and more recently at Van Lanschot Kempen. Marieke has a vast experience in corporate- and acquisition finance, deal structuring and turnaround situations.

    marieke@florijnz.nl +31 (0)6 555 577 85
  • Stef Kolen

    Stef graduated as MSc Finance. He has previous experience in the Corporate Finance, at a bank (Rabobank) and a crowd fund platform.

    (Nederlands) stef@florijnz.nl (Nederlands) +31 6 55 55 12 43
  • Amber Kesselaer

    Digital, Strategy & Support

    Takes care of the (online) marketing & communication and strategic support within the corporate finance activities.

    amber@florijnz.nl +31 (0)6 81 54 51 45
  • Willem van der Steen

    After finishing his bachelor International Business Administration Willem started at Florijnz to support the M&A process. Willem will continue his MSc Finance at Tilburg University.

    willem@florijnz.nl +31 6 42407708
  • Arie van Weelden

    Arie started in august 2020 at Florijnz as Analist. After finishing his BSc Economics and Business Economics at Tilburg University he will start his MSc in Rotterdam.

    arie@florijnz.nl +31 6 20704172

Sector focus

Florijnz has a strong track record and has successfully completed multiple transactions in several industries. Florijnz has gained more than average expertise in the following industries.

ICT / High Tech

The ICT industry is very dependent on the economic situation and we expect the industry will profit from the economic boom the next few years. It is important for entrepreneurs in this industry to distinguish itself in a niche or to collaborate to strenghten their position. ICT is becoming...


Examples of Healthcare projects we consulted on: Huishoudelijk Hulp Pantein-Vivent Stichting Zuidzorg Chemconnection Living Well Sportcity Want to know more? Send a message to: marieke@florijnz.nl or call us at  +31 (0)85 023 9405

Business services

The business service industry can be divided into different sectors. There are e.g. collection agencies, accountant firms, law firms, payroll businesses, and employment agencies. Each sector has its own dynamics and corresponding perspectives. Economies of scale and providing service are important trends in these sectors too. These companies achieve...


Examples of Production projects we consulted on: BKB precision DS Tags Group Hout industrie Schijndel BLW Kunststoffen De Esdoorn kindermeubels Want to know more? Send a message to Marieke: marieke@florijnz.nl or call us at  +31 (0)85 023 9405  

Installation company

Projects we can disclose within the installation company market are: 365 Energie van Loon Elektro If you want to know more about our projects? Contact us at info@florijnz.nl 

(Nederlands) Nominaties

Florijnz is aangesloten bij de belangrijkste expertise organisaties op het gebied van waardering en fusies & overnames. Hierdoor beschikt Florijnz altijd over essentiële en actuele kennis. 2018: Genomineerd voor  FD Gazelle 2018 en winnaar Fusie & Overname Award 2018 categorie “Overnameadviseur van het jaar” Brookz / Dealsuite   2017: Genomineerd voor  FD Gazelle 2017  2016: Genomineerd voor  FD Gazelle 2016 (31e) en Fusie en Overname adviseur van het jaar 2016 (Brookz) 2015: Genomineerd voor Fusie en Overname adviseur van het jaar 2015 (Brookz) en tweede bij DCFA deal of the year award 2015 (fusie Syncasso) 2014: Bijzondere vermelding DCFA deal of the year award voor eerste Management Buy Out (MBO) gefinancierd met crowdfunding

(Nederlands) DCFA

De Dutch Corporate Finance Association is een landelijke vereniging voor financiële professionals. De DCFA is met circa 200 individuele leden de grootste vereniging op haar gebied en stelt zich ten doel kennis te delen en een netwerk te creëren voor managers en ondernemers uit de zakelijke financiële sector, met Corporate Finance en fusies & overnames als specialisme.

(Nederlands) NiRV

Florijnz is ook aangesloten bij het NiRV. Dit is de beroepsvereniging waarbij alle Register Valuators in Nederland zijn aangesloten. Een Register Valuator of RV’er is een financieel deskundige die gespecialiseerd is in de bepaling van de waarde van een onderneming. Hoewel het waarderen van bedrijven een relatief nieuw vakgebied is, wordt het steeds vanzelfsprekender om in verschillende situaties een RV’er in te schakelen. Niet iedereen mag zich RV’er noemen. Een RV’er heeft door een tweejarige postdoctorale opleiding de kennis en expertise opgebouwd om een onderneming te waarderen en om de meest complexe waarderingsvraagstukken uit te voeren. Na de opleiding wordt de kennis gewaarborgd door een systeem van permanente educatie.

(Nederlands) BOBB

Florijnz is gecertificeerd BOBB-lid. De Beroepsorganisatie voor Specialisten in Bedrijfsoverdracht (BOBB) is in 2006 opgericht. Het is de beroepsorganisatie van adviseurs op het terrein van het begeleiden van koop en verkoop van ondernemingen. De  gecertificeerde leden van de BOBB houden zich fulltime hiermee bezig. Dat is ook wat de leden bindt: kennis en ervaring delen over het bedrijfsovernameproces. Het begeleiden van het proces rondom koop en verkoop is immers een vak, een specialiteit. Certificering staat als kenteken voor kwaliteit.

Please contact me

To come in action is the first step; it is that simple. The sale/acquisition of an company is unique for everyone and every company.

On the basis of the first meeting an overview will be created off the facts and the emotions. Through a clear analysis you will be put in next gear in no time. You will gain understanding in whether the company is suitable for a strategic sale/acquisition, which approach suits the sale/acquisition and how long will the process take. Make an appointment for clear answers to your questions.

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Florijnz Corporate Finance is an independent corporate finance boutique which guides entrepreneurs in purchasing and selling enterprises.
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